13 April 2010

Last Post Until May 1 - Hiatus

Dear all: I know. I've been absent. I lament. But unfortunately school is way too stressful right now, along with trying to figure out what I'm doing after college, managing an internship at amNewYork newspaper, and planning a trip to Hungary for the end of May / beginning of June. Classes end April 30, so I promise I will be back by May 1. Until then, peace & love to all, and I hope this finds you well. I've included some poems as well as an article I wrote in this post. ^_^ Chris TEN PLUS Never been recorded, and the equivalent seismic energy yield remains unknown. The world wakes after a million years: tree roots dangle like loose teeth and rivers overflow like mucus from the Bartholin's gland. Sign your name on my arm before the power goes out so you can find me in another million years. Phone lines are static, Timmy won't last long, and death lurks all around us. Kiss me, because these tremors only shake the ground -- they can't hurt you if you're floating. ------------------------------------------------ THE MISTAKEN SPECTRE It starts at the bottom of a cup stained purple and black with paint and travels in the mouth of the wind vibrating with molecular restraint. It stops in cities lost under water quivers in decrepit ancient tomes then flits through incantations whispered in the gloam. You grab it up in the morning while your lover stays in bed but you lose it in those farewells that you wish you'd never said. --------------------------------------------------------- NEITHER OF US WILL BE TOUCHING MOONSHINE For weeks there wasn’t a thing to say, just pavement aching into the horizon and these old Nikes starting to bite into the side of my right foot. Woke up curling next to hopelessness and picked a recipe from the Great American just to keep occupied. Kid – if you know it’s just a pipe dream why do you still cry? Loose yourself on fake islands, stare at trees and find shapes in branches, translate the whispers of your grief into Hungarian poetry. It’s not enough, to swim in halfway frozen lakes or hike to Ohio. You know the best plans are always the ones you don’t make. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------