30 August 2011

Tropical Storm Irene

This weekend tropical storm Irene hit New York City; in preparation, the mayor issued an evacuation order for low-lying areas and shut down the subways. For a recap of how the hurricane affected us here in the Bronx, check out my dad's continual iReport video coverage: 

24 August 2011

When We Were Mountain Slopes

Yesterday I introduced you to Anne Waldman. Today, I've tried my hand at a similar style, relying on language to move the poem along and take it to its conclusion:

When We Were Mountain Slopes
I am
I amuse
I assume
I amass vast
            Collections of stuff
            Stuffed animals (blue bear, polar bear, puppet dragon, dragon that belonged to brother, TAC which is not a cat, Wollip which is a pillow…pet. Penguin, 10stitchesandthelistgoeson)
I go on
I go on to bigger things
I go on to smaller things
I go on top of you
Some of the time
We go on top of each other
            Through each other between each other inside each other
On the subways or
Times Square or rubble heap of World Trade Center
It will go on, on and up
We hold each other up
We prop each other up
We whisper each other up
In the waning night
I wean
I war
Whittle words
            Down to bare bones meanings
            Mean is average (if I am the mean then you are the mode, and our happiness is the median our lives are an exponential line rise, the sudden influx in shoppers at Christmas)
I live for Christmas
I live for Christ
I am Christina and I contain Christ
We contain Christ together
We bleed and ache together
I ache alone
Some of the time
We breathe on each other
            Through each other between each other inside each other
In Starbucks or through pixel
webcam screens or blackness or whiteness or multi-color
I multi-color
I color code
We color each other
Each other’s lives just by existing
I am we are I am we are I am we are
I am we are going up and up and on and on and up and on but what about
What about falling?

23 August 2011

Song of the Day

Instead of posting an actual song today, I'm going to post a link to the poetic chant "Fast Speaking Woman" by Anne Waldman. This is only an excerpt. When I read the long-form of the poem, I enjoyed the way she took a concept and continually built on it by deviating from it and then returning to it in a cyclical path. I also really admired how she went from one sentence to another by building on word sounds, using language as a means of progression and discovery. 

There are two other poems by Anne Waldman that I really like, but I can't find them on Youtube so I'm just going to type up the text here. The first is actually part two of a three-piece poem, "A Book of Events": 
In Her Lament 
the saint is a woman scorned
wash your hair
your skirts
scent your hands with myrrh 
say you will never die of love


The second is a little bit longer, but has such a great rhythm:

after Lorca

She wants to be weaving
imaginary flores
all these for
the end of time
In a nearby kitchen
5 yellow grapefruit 
5 wounds of Christ
She doesn't cackle
she gives up her pain
- something outside -
distant - ho -
where did her youth
her sex go?
What reminds her of what?
A white dress loosens
Her heart of herbs, sugar,
of spice
isn't broken
Longitudinal pain recedes
further back
20 suns above blink on, off
on, off

She reverts tension to 
flowers, horizontal
light playing 
a game over her window

on, off

22 August 2011

On Making Choices

balancing on the cusp of a revelation
a fly hovering just above a Venus trap
scared and too cautious, i will never know
about life after death

19 August 2011

First Day Jitters

Over the summer, I've been working part-time as a Publishing Assistant for The CPA Journal, a technical journal with in-depth articles aimed at certified public accountants (CPA). The journal is run by the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants (NYSSCPA). Today I begin working full-time for NYSSCPA: part-time for the journal and part time as an Associate Editor of the NYSSCPA newspaper, The Trusted Professional, and e-newsletter, The Tax Stringer. Technical terms aside, it's my first real day today, and time to actually start a real job. I've put this off as long as I possibly can, but now I can't hide from it any more. Wish me luck!

17 August 2011

When Comics and Music Collide

Check out my article out in amNewYork today about some musicians, such as singer/songwriter Will Knox, who are branching out into comics:

08 August 2011

up close, the magnitude of action becomes realized

hanging between doorframe
and curtain rod, spider snaps
at looming hands and weaves
silk threads into snowflake

01 August 2011


Twenty minutes. Still no train.
Brother walks into the station.

Begins a book he's read five times.

Finally a whoosh and a whir. 
Train pulls up. We step in.
He lets me go first to grab a seat. 

Express and we skip stops. 
He doesn't acknowledge me.
But lets me lean on his shoulder.

And I guess that's more than enough.