20 October 2010


There will be updates (or possibly a whole new redesigned blog) once I get a new laptop! Unfortunately mine has, after four years, reached the limit, and now I'm afraid to use it in fear that it might explode and take all of my files with it.

Brief updates: got a job, worked at job, had to quit job. finished a novel. editing novel. trying to self-publish a book of poetry. got a boyfriend. still have a boyfriend. (i don't know what I'm going to call him on this blog yet, but he's here: twitter.com/terminalprp. And he's awesome.)

And speaking of Twitter, I'm here: twitter.com/hungupon. Oh yeah, got a Twitter. Still have a Twitter. Benefits: You get lots of news all in one place. You find out cool things depending on who you're following. You can stalk people easily. Downsides: You read useless status updates. You don't care about what the majority of people you're following have to say, you just want followers so they'll follow you. How many people actually read your 140 character update, considering how fast some people's timelines must move? Does anyone actually search out your Twitter to read your updates? Probably not. People can stalk you more easily. (Although, that might be a good thing, if you like creepy. Which I actually do, but that's besides the point. *eyeshift* *eyeshift*). 

Hope all is well with everyone who possibly looks at this, and hope to be back and peruse your blogs again very soon. (Mac or Windows laptop? Any preferences?)