27 June 2011

My Return & a Josh Ritter Article

Now that I've returned from visiting my grandparents in Florida (thankfully my grandfather is doing well) and a brief but really great stint in Lake George with Todd, I'll be posting regularly again soon.

In the interim, here's an article I wrote on musician and author Josh Ritter, who is doing a book signing at Barnes & Noble Union Square tomorrow. Check it out below and be sure to give him a listen / read up on his new book here. (If the font is too small below, you can read it here on page 18 and zoom in as much as you'd like).

04 June 2011


So a short story I wrote has been featured as today's story of the day on the Fiction365 website. It's about a man and his semi-estranged wife. Check it out here.

01 June 2011