15 December 2011


glass loses reflection in the predawn
morning fog veils building peaks
and we cross the street despite
the taxis

working from darkness to darkness
venturing out into afternoon sunlight
feels like the state between dreaming
and awake

tourists impede pedestrian traffic
we twist one scarf around our necks
with hands clasped we're like two gifts
in ribbon

too quickly the lunch hour passes
there are no windows in our office
look around-- it's a solemn masoleum
of goals

bags get heavier the longer they're held
to our myopic eyes the lamplight slurs
we miss the details for shiny circles with
hazy edges

but we can see the essence of everything

09 December 2011

back into ground

they say the city is a jungle. do they mean arms and ankles and eyebrows and teeth? the colossal steel hands lift the limbs up behind the neck, up into reflections of the waves above our heads. we're all animals at the core. with the deepening of our days, we will all start to feel fur or feathers, scales or sandpaper skin. we'll grab each other and run toward the forest. little monsters trying to find our way out of a world of distorted reflections in glass. let's build our homes in the trunks of the giant redwoods. we will morph into the xylem and phloem. the up and down processes will slosh our blood around in our mouths and we'll swallow each other down for nutrients. where are the rings of age on skyscrapers? what will become of the arms and ankles and eyebrows and teeth?

06 December 2011

For What It's Worth

More often than not, I wonder what I was thinking when I decided to pursue a journalism degree. I have inner anxiety when it comes to talking to people, and I always stress about each article to try and make sure it's as perfect as it can get. But then sometimes there are interviews that really make me appreciate my decision to follow this career track; not only are they interesting, but the person on the other end is super friendly and makes you feel comfortable asking them questions. 

John K. Samson of The Weakerthans falls into that category, along with others like Stephen Kellogg and Josh Ritter. And now that I've finally interviewed the singer of my favorite band, I feel like all of my hard work has been worth it so far. Check out my interview below:

02 December 2011

Photo Post!

Lately it seems like it's always one thing after another. Thanksgiving, hanging out with friends visiting, work, more work, writing articles, and now upcoming concerts and then Christmas. Here are some photos that explain what I've been up to better than I can: 

giant plate of Thanksgiving food and a salad drenched in dressing

Union Square

chocolate pizza from Max Brenner... mm I love those marshmallows

group photo: Kayla, Sean, Jo, Beyza, me, Todd

 getting into the Christmas spirit even though he's Jewish

i love Rudolph

it makes me happy to look at this beautiful tree