03 April 2009

Photo Post

I don't like over-used sayings that have lost all meaning, so whenever people say that pictures are worth a thousand words, I staunchly defend my position that nothing is worth more than a thousand, or even a hundred, well-crafted and well-thought-about words. But, at the end of the day, everyone likes a good picture or two, so here are a couple that capture the mood of the week. Which is your favorite? First things first, I'm ready and aching for summer to be here again! I took this picture last year at Coney Island -- which, I regret to announce to those who haven't heard -- is going to get commercialized and more crowded than it already is. Although, for some good news, some of the attractions (and the Cyclone) will re-open this summer despite plans to turn this run-down beautiful relic into a tourist trap. Either way, just think about it -- wouldn't you love to feel the sand squish through your toes as you stand in that magical spot where the ocean fleetingly meets the shore? What could be more comforting and filling than delicious vanilla and butter pecan ice cream and a thick wedge of cheesecake crammed into huge dish and topped with sweet whipped cream and a juicy strawberry? Probably nothing. And you'll definitely be full after eating one of this gigantic ice cream dishes from Serendipity, on 60th street, a block or two after Lexington. Although the ice cream shop's a little bit pricey (around $10 - $15 for this type of sundae) and the wait can get as long as two hours, it's a good bang for your buck if you have a big of a sweet tooth as I do. (Let's hope not, because you don't want as many cavities as I've got, either). Despite what you may think, I didn't put this pic up here out of vanity or a desire to introduce you to my newest boyfriend (of about one month now, who I've known for about four months). Well, okay, maybe I did... But I also wanted to demonstrate that this week is one where it just feels right to be rockin' a pair of ripped jeans. John's jeans, from American Eagle, have lasted him over five years of intense teenage-boy behavior. (Now he's 20, but I can't imagine he acts very differently). He's got two huge rips on both knees and one significant rip on the right pocket. My jeans, which I can't remember where I got because I'm pretty sure I stole them from my mom, back when I was as skinny as she was -- have rips along the back (don't worry; you can't see my butt!) and on the right knee, as well as a little bit lower down the left leg. So, word of comfort, even if you put on some weight like I did, don't despair. Just feel good about yourself enough to turn those ripped jeans into a new and improved style!

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