29 November 2010

New Design... Sort of

I know. You were filled with such anticipation when opening up my blog on your browser, unable to contain your excitement over my promised new template and design. It's okay, you can admit that you were a little bit disappointed to find that the color scheme is, well, to be honest it's basically the same. There's a new background, but it's still a lot of blacks, blues, and purples.

Although I'm sorry for letting you down, there is a reason for it, aside from the fact that those are my favorite colors. Firstly, blue and purple are the two chakras that are hardest for me to keep in balance. More on this in a later post, but suffice to say that I'm at my happiest when surrounded by blue and purple hues to increase my creativity and communication, as well as the deeper, spiritual part of the mind I'm trying to awaken.

But there's a second reason, too. I'm sure you saw (and if not, scroll down!) the picture in my Thanksgiving post, of me and my new boyfriend Todd. In our relationship, blue is always the color that represents me and purple is always the color that represents him. (More about the relationship in a later post, too). Without being naively optimistic, I think this relationship actually has the potential to go somewhere and be something, and I want to symbolically represent that here, because he makes me happier than anyone ever has before.

So yeah. Okay. I didn't change that much... but I did get it done before December 1, so do I at least get points for not making you wait for it?

1 comment:

the walking man said...

Blue and Purple? Most people just eat some 'shrooms.

Good for you Chris 2 points for having the changes in your life begun by December 1.