13 November 2011

a reaction to communism or possibly to sorrow

"Take a body to water, take a body to tundra
just take me with you as well." 
                                               - Los Campesinos, 'To Tundra'

the highways intersect just outside of Kópháza
and the cars zoom around a round-about
just about a mile from the house where she grew up
with chickens in the yard 

she walked a mile across town to get to school
and from school to the factory where she learned to sew
cross stitches and lace doilies
she continued making them into old age

she never told anyone about her daddy's sickness
about the lone orange she received for christmas
about the mother in law who called her princess
and spat in her face

in Kópháza, the summer sun burned hottest at noon
but it was night when she crept from her house
before the highways were ever built
and snuck across the border and escaped


the walking man said...

Chris I liked the piece but had more to say on it but your comments are acting a bit wonky.

Chris said...

Hm maybe it's because I was editing my blog layout this morning?