04 June 2012

A Spring Chill in June

I'm not sure how the weather has been anywhere else, but here it's been crazy. In May it felt like mid-July (which is why I barely updated this blog, because I tried to spend every non-working minute outside in the heat and sun), and now in June it feels like the end of April. But I want to try to start writing regularly again. It takes discipline to keep a blog going, but then, writing always does. And if I want to write a novel, then I'd better start small and work my way up, right? 

For now, here are some recent photos to show you what I've been up to:

I helped my parents clean all the lawn accessories in our backyard in attempt to get ready for summer.

I also helped pick the strawberries that we're growing in our backyard. Mostly I just watched Todd and my dad pick them, and I took photos.


Todd and I came across the baby bird that was lost on the sidewalk and chirping to its mother in a nest in a tree. We tried to guide it back home as best we could.

I spent a day with my mom at the mall and had a lot of fun.

She bought me this floppy hat to take on my trip to Florida in August, which I've been spending a lot of time planning with Todd in the past few weeks. I'm so excited! <3

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the walking man said...

If I read these pictures right Chris, I'd say the whole cleaning thing was a bribe to get your new hat.