09 April 2013

Spring Swing

The longer one goes without writing, the harder it is to resume the practice as before. But now that I've started off spring with exercise and some time enjoying the gorgeous weather, I thought I'd revamp my blog (a little bit) and try to start posting at least semi-regularly again. Everyone has their own transition into spring, and I thought I'd share with you the song that is accompanying mine. It's an old favorite from the Hair revival that played on Broadway about two years ago, and it gets me smiling every time. If you've got some other inspiring tunes, please share them!


Andrew R said...

Beads, flowers, freedom, happiness!!!!!

I can see that this would be a Spring song. Hare Krishna is a Hindu chant to summon love (Krishna) into the spirit. The 1960s hippie culture discovered alternate mystical and spiritual ideas like this to magnify the hippie versions of peace, love, liberation, rock n roll, etc.

In any case, the chant is extremely catchy (thanks Chris!), and we could all use some little bit of Krishna. :-)

Happy Spring!

Chris said...

Thanks for commenting Andrew... Glad you enjoyed it. Now if only it wasn't going to get cold again tomorrow!!!