14 January 2009

Color Healing

I know, I know, I said I'd do more posts about colors and I haven't gotten around to it, yet. That's because I've been sidetracked by reading all 704 pages of Hippie Dictionary by John Bassett McCleary. Also, there's so much to say about color that I wasn't really sure where to start. But I think I'll start with an example. Last May, 9 months ago, I got a spur-of-the-moment industrial piercing in my left ear. And all of the horror stories I'd heard about healing all came true. Daily, it leaked pus and blood, and at the slightest touch I felt like punching someone in the face. And I'm normally a really peaceful person, so you can imagine the pain. About 8 months later, it was still really inflamed, and I'd developed this swelled-out bumps at the back and front of the bottom hole. So I decided to apply some color-healing. Every day, I focused on my inflamed ear and closed my eyes and imagined my ear being surrounded by a pulsing flood of blue-purple energy. Purple and violet colors have the most healing properties, especially since it is a purifying color. Blue-purple (or Ice Blue, but I always feel better when some purple is involved) is the preferred color for getting rid of inflammation and swelling, as well as other skin and skeletal problems. And now, the bumps on my ear has disappeared, and it looks better than it has yet. Of course, it could have just been the natural course of healing, but I believe that colored energy was beneficial, because it healed relatively quickly once I started color therapy. Yesterday I got a cut on my foot, and I immediately went to my medicine cabinet, grabbed the box of band-aids, and put a purple band-aid over the cut. How To Heal With Color by Ted Andrews (which I've recommended before) has a really useful list of ailments and colors that work best when trying to heal them. When in doubt, I'd suggest a purple or white light. Green is also a good healing color, but I'm always a little paranoid about it because green is also the color of growth, and so shouldn't be used on any infection or ailment that could spread. So be careful if you're going to use green! In fact, I'd recommend buying the book for a more in-depth look. Here's a few key items from Andrews' list: Abdominal Cramps - Yellow (corresponding with the yellow color of Manipura, the Solar Plexus chakra) Growths - Violet, Blue-Purple (NOT GREEN!) Infection - Violet Inflammation - Blue, Blue-Purple Skin Problems - Lemon, Blue-Violet


Mary said...

Thanks for the color healing tips. I should read the actual books you recommend, but being in school I have plenty of books to read! It seems more personal to read your blog. :)
I have narcolepsy. What color do I need for energy or to correct a sleep disorder?

Chris said...

Well, the color red corresponds to the Base or Root chakra (or energy center), located at the base of the spine. It has the strongest connection to the physical body, and so thus connected the most to physical energy. So, I would suggest red - maybe wearing red, lighting red candles... or if you can get a Juniper scented candle or oil, that's supposed to be a very energizing smell.

Hope that helps some!

Mary said...

Cool, thanks. I do have some red clothes, but I mostly choose to wear neutrals. I don't like the attention red brings, but I could use some energy. Probably worth it. I do have some red candles that I normally only get out for Christmas. Might as well get them into daily use!