26 July 2009

How I Saved My Summer

I went through a number of title ideas of this post, including but not limited to: How Gemstones Saved My Summer, How Astrology Saved My Summer, How Searching For Apartments For My Busy Boyfriend Saved My Summer. Then I realized that nothing saved my summer but me, and that the power to turn things around was always there, waiting to be realized. Let me explain. May - school ended, things went down, summer started off raining. And kept raining. And I got depressed and unwilling to do anything. June & July - the heat and sun finally picked up, and then all I wanted to do was be outside all day every day, and when I was not outside, I wanted to be inside cuddling and painting Warhammer models with my boyfriend (John). And in the past few weeks, I started to realize that I have not done one single thing worth doing for myself this summer. I didn't study for the LSAT, I let my latest novel mold over on my hard-drive, I abandoned my blog with its faithful five followers, and I stopped reviewing my Hungarian material. I pretty much ate, slept, hung out with friends, and cuddled. And it was fun, but unproductive. And I need to be productive. So I went out and bought a blue apatite stone, which provides creative energies, and I read my weekly horoscope on freewillastrology.com, which advised me to pray to the gods of discipline and determination, and I looked up apartments for my boyfriend so that he might have a place to live after August 8, and I realized I had to start doing things for myself again. And so, that's what I'm doing. Hello, few faithful readers. I have returned, once again. I'll keep you updated on how I get my life back on track.

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