27 July 2009

One By One

I can't read mystery novels. Even though I try, I always feel like they fall short of "And Then There Were None," by Agatha Christie, which (in my mind at least) is the most superbly written, intriguing, complex mystery novel ever. Get this: ten strangers get brought to an island. One by one they start dying, and pretty soon they realize - one of them must be the killer. Ever since reading "And Then There Were None," I've been looking for a mystery that would compare. I finally found it, but it wasn't in a book. It was a television mini series: "Harper's Island". I had been too busy (doing absolutely nothing) to catch "Harper's Island" when it aired on CBS over the past few months, I decided to watch the entire series (13 episodes) instantly on Netflix. You know a show is good when every minute you're not watching, you're trying to piece together clues in your mind. The series, which starts of with a couple (Christopher Gorham and Katie Cassidy) who decide to get married on an island with a bloody history, takes you on a crazy race beginning the first night the guests arrive on the island.

Each episode is packed with thrills and twists that will leave you shocked and, if you're like me, creeped out for the rest of the night. The cast all performs convincingly, and before you know, you'll be crying at one of the more serious death scenes. (At least, I was!)

Sometimes the killings and guests' actions seem a little unrealistic, but hey, would a horror flick really be a horror flick if you didn't have to yell at your tv, "Idiot! Don't go in the dark alone without a weapon?!" So now, I recommend this television series to you! And, if you liked this post, please go rate it on this site, which has a similar version!!!

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