15 December 2009

Soon. I promise.

I know. Everyone wants to yell at me (those who've noticed) for being out of touch. I'm sorry!! The semester just got so hectic with all of my classes and interning for amNewYork, the free newspaper, and trying to find time to see John (the boyfriend). Some quick updates before I have to grab the subway: 1. You can read my article on singer Will Knox here, page 18. 2. I've begun a new novel, this one about a magic fence and a punk rock singer. (I've been listening to too much Gogol Bordello) 3. Christmas is soon! I've got most of my Christmas shopping done, but have a few last minute things to get. I can't wait to wrap! Any cool wrapping tips? I'll post some ideas at a later date! 4. Finals are over in a week, so you can expect more frequent updates once they're through. Again, sorry for the long absence. Hope everyone who reads this blog is doing wonderfully during this holiday season. Peace & Love to all.


Jon said...

hope that all your exams are going well and good luck with what's left of semester!

Organic Meatbag said...

Wow, very interesting blog you have here!