04 February 2010

Ups and Downs

Current music: Motley Crue - Bitter Pill Current mood: Ambitious I spent some time considering the ups and downs of keeping up this blog, the pros and the cons. Laid them out in a list. Pro: It was a good way to vent, and set energy flowing. Con: I was never motivated enough, and I could spend time doing other things. And then it was like life molded to match my blog debate, or maybe my blog debate was just another piece of an up and down puzzle. During Christmas break, the boyfriend and I experienced a setback, a temporary breakup during which he doubted how he felt about me. I, the Pisces that I am, experienced extreme devastation for a few days while I worried we wouldn't get back together. Eventually, I realized I was staking too much of my own happiness on that idea, and decided I'd live through it either way. Happily, we did get back together only a week or so later. And I think our relationship, and my own personal self-view, came out of it stronger. So then life settled down and I prepared to start blogging again, but then school started up and I got caught up in a whirlwind of trying to make time for homework, my internship at amNewYork, hanging out with friends and seeing the boyfriend. But I'm trying to get back into this habit. So let's hope I can do it. In an effort to involve myself more deeply into this blog, I'm going to write another post with a short, brief life history and an introduction to the cast of characters of my life, so that I can feel comfortable referencing people and my (few) readers will at least have an idea what I'm talking about! So, here we go again, back into the cycle. Back on an upswing.

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