27 June 2010

Back In the New York City Groove

Hey everyone! Writing on May 1 didn't pan out, because I ended up going to Hungary in May and I stayed until June 15! It was an incredible time, and I'm going to slowly type up my travel journal so that you can all share in my experience. For now, I've been back a week, and I'm currently working on another article for amNewYork, as a freelancer, although I do need to look for a real, steadily-paying job at the same time. Really, I just wish I could move to Hungary and write my novels, but I guess I can't do that until I've got money. So, I'll be writing more regularly again, starting with posts from my travel journal. Hope everyone is alright; I missed you guys! sitting on a railing in the duna river part five you grabbed my hand and we were frozen like a photograph in which viewers would never know if you were puling me in or i was helping you out

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