28 June 2010

Trip Journal: DAY ONE --- 24 May 2010

            The Lufthansa yellow and grey theme colors aren’t very appealing to me. I’ve been sitting on a plane for about six hours, now. I studied some Hungarian earlier and then spent five hours trying to fall asleep. What a failure. If I slept at all, it was only for one of those hours. I don’t understand why airplane seats are so uncomfortable. Then again, it coould be my own fault. I’m reluctant to push my seat back into the reclining position because I don’t want to cramp the person behind me, because I don’t like when jerks in front of me push their seats back as far as possible, and then I don’t have any room for my laptop or other paraphernalia that I probably won’t use but like to keep around on flights just in case.
            I would have written sooner, but it was so dark here that I didn’t want to be the only asshole with the light blaring from the ceiling. Melvin and I have about an hour and a half left to fly, and thankfully it’s been a smooth journey so far. Hopefully everything will go alright with our connecting flight and when we get to Vienna, we’ll find András in the airport without a hitch.
            Tea time!


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