04 August 2010

Remembering the Joys of Rollerblading

It's been a long time since I felt the bumps in the pavement under my feet as I sailed down the hilly, badly cracked bike path near my house. Last summer I got so caught up with having a boyfriend who didn't really like to be outside in the heat that I forgot about doing the outdoorsy things that make me happy, like rollarblading (aka inline skating). 

I bladed four miles today; and was it a workout! It was harder than I remembered, but I also pushed myself further than I normally used to. I like to feel things and do things to their extremes, so I bladed until I was panting and my water bottle was empty. 

I'm finally pulling back all of the loose strands in my life. I'm working on a new novel, which is about halfway through, and I'm going to try to write some more poetry soon. I'm applying for jobs and I'm reading voraciously. And now I'm blading again. I vow not to forget about it, for as long as the weather's warm enough to blade.

... I don't think my aching thighs would let me forget it now, even if I wanted to. Ow.


the walking man said...

we have a different definition for blading in Detroit. But the work out would be about the same unless you're the guy named Slim that did in LeRoy Brown.

Rex Venom said...

Old new things revisited and little adventures allowed for self
Rock on!