26 July 2010

When You're Broke, You've Got to Get Creative

I have 47 pairs of earrings, which is a lot by my mother's standards, but probably not too many if you ask other women my age. For a while I had them hanging on some strips of cardboard taped to the side of my dresser, but the humidity made the tape peel, which made everything fall to the ground.

I wanted something to hang my earrings on, but I'm just about dead broke. So the only thing to do was make an earring board myself. It doesn't require much, just a piece of thin canvas and a thumb-tac to make holes with. It helps if you have these things around the house, I guess.

Then I used some stickers and decorations that I had stored in my closet (I'm big on making things for holidays. Last Valentine's Day, I made a really nice book/collage for my ex-boyfriend. I want that back now!) to make it look pretty, and then hung my earrings on it, and then I was done, for relatively little or no cost!


Monkey Man said...

Very creative, Martha. I mean, Chris. Seriously, homemade is best. Gives a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Chris said...

Haha thank you; i agree. i love homemade things! i especially like to go crazy with stickers and ribbons when decorating things :)