22 September 2011

Weather Forecast

i watch businessmen with starbucks lattes and women in tight spandex hurrying to the gym and a police car crusing lights off - safe for now - and someone who stops in the middle of the sidewalk to sneeze and then looks up eyes catching mine as if to say how could you and i am ashamed at watching the world through windows instead of venturing outside so maybe maybe maybe tomorrow

but only if there's no more rain


the walking man said...

I doubt your so sweet, that like sugar, you'd melt in the rain. Go out, safety and isolation are both a state of mind and being.

Tom Stephenson said...

Don;t listen to the walking dead man - stay in, go out, get wet, get dry - don't worry, be happy.

the walking man said...

Evolve Tom...it's all in your head.