23 August 2012

Technological Tools

Skeptics rest assured, Disney World was an amazing time! Too much happened to even write about now, but eventually I'll share some anecdotes.

In the meantime, I'm typing this on my brand new iPad, and I'm hoping that having this Blogger app at my fingertips (quite literally) will make it easier to post more frequently. I also got a very cute cover for it based on the movie Lilo and Stitch.

And because I want to test both the photo capabilities of my iPad and whether this app will allow me to upload photos, here's one:


the walking man said...

UHHHH Yep that's you...sure enough but where are your goofy mouse ears?

Tom Stephenson said...

Hey, Minnie! This may not worry you, but I won't be leaving any more comments until you get rid of the 'word verification' hurdle. Like the ears!