03 February 2009

Your Opinions

While browsing through the Gadgets for this blog, I came across a poll feature, and decided that having a weekly poll might be a cool thing to do. I've added a poll to the top of this page, right above the posts (I'm sure you see it), so please feel free to answer it! This week, I decided a good question would be some self-analysis - what does my blog need? I think it needs a lot of things, like more posts, more interesting posts, more pictures (taken by me), and more friends!! In light of that last bit, it'd be helpful if you could subscribe to this blog if you read it or, if not, you could tell some people about it so that they could read it. In fact, one of those trackers that lets you know how many people have visited could be a useful tool. Time to go back to searching through Gadgets!! --- Update: I figured out the counter tracker, thanks to a link on the bottom of Imagining Mary, and now there's a cute little graphic tracker at the very bottom of this page. (Although I'm afraid that all of the hits are my own!!)

1 comment:

Mary said...

oh Chris,
I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up my blog or reading yours lately. This break up is about to kill me. Okay, that is over-stated, but it is hard. I'm glad you found a boyfriend. I'm closing ImaginingMary for now. I don't use it. If you want to stay in touch, email me at imaginingmary@gmail.com

Best wishes on your blog, and school, and your writing!