01 August 2009

A Quickie

Don't you just love a short litle quickie before you head out for the day? Well, here goes: Music recommendation of today: "Follow" by Richie Havens. It was actually recommended to me last semester by this somewhat aging beatnik that I interviewed named Evan. He reads at the poetry readings in Barnes and Noble once a month (which I have been skipping out on because I haven't written any worthwhile poetry; I just can't get over this poetry block). So now I'm recommending it to you. When you listen, think of transcendental meditation, and the transfer of energy from one human being to another, tiny glittering strings of emotion and common interest and blood, all twinkling in the spaces between us. Umbilical cords that we have to learn to reconnect, before it's too late for the planet, and all of us on it. Joining together is our only answer; we must follow the call of our connections, our humanity, our love.

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