26 January 2011


I used to hate baths.

And to an extent, I'm still not the biggest fan of them. You sit in water that goes from lukewarm to tepid. You're afraid to read because you might drop your book into the water and then it'll be ruined. Your bathtub drains while you're in it even though you've switched up the stopper...

Or maybe that's just me and my faulty tub.

Anyway, although I'm still not at that point where I want to take baths all the time, they've become much more appealing ever since my best friend introduced me to Lush
, where they sell handmade cosmetics, especially bath melts and bath bombs. Both dissolve in the bath water and infuse it with fragrances (which can range from soothing to sensual, depending on your mood and whether or not you're bathing alone) and minerals to make your skin soft and, well, luscious. Thus the name, I guess.

Whether you love or hate baths, you should give these products a try. But even I only buy them when I've got a gift card for the store, because I couldn't imagine spending $6 on a bath bomb or, even more expensive, $25 on some of their creams and lotions. So start hinting at what you want for Christmas early this year.

Here is a video someone posted on Youtube so that you can see how bath bombs work:


the walking man said...

when I was your age a bath bomb was something else all together. Need video to understand this of which you speak.

Chris said...

hm i'll link to a video from their site!