25 January 2011

New 2011 Blog Schedule!

After having to rewind and watch the ball drop twice on New Year's Eve because my dad's camera didn't record the first time, the New Year has kicked off to a great start. This first month has been a pretty constant stream of looking for jobs, doing a bit of writing, seeing friends and mostly just spending time with Todd before he heads back to school next week for the spring semester. It's been really great to see him nearly every day and to get to sleep in his arms. <3

And now that I've gotten time to settle into the new year, I've decided to concoct a new posting method that will ensure more regular posts and more regular commenting on the posts of the people on my blogroll (check them out). So, here's the plan:

Monday Creativity: I'll start off each week with a creative / writing post, maybe tips on writing or news about writing or bits of my own writing, like poems and short short stories.

Entertainment Tuesday: I'll post a short bit about music, movies, books, or video games that I'm into at the moment so that I can share those things with you.

New Age Wednesday: I want to get back into posting about things like color healing and gem healing and tarot cards and palm reading, so Wednesdays are going to be my day for that.

Random Thursday: On Thursdays I'll post about whatever I'm feeling at the moment, whether it's a personal post or a recipe or just a photo post giving you a feel for what's going on in my life.

Weekend Roundup: Just a little bit of news and information about what's been going on throughout the week, either in my personal life or in the world. 

If you have any other suggestions about things you'd like to see added to one of these categories or posted on Thursdays, please comment and let me know!

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