25 January 2011

Oscar Nominations

They released the full list of Oscar nominees early this morning. I have a few thoughts on it:

Best Picture: I really hope "The Social Network" wins this. Todd and I recently re-rented the movie, which we originally saw in theaters, but we haven't re-watched it yet. However, it is a smart film that really captures the attention and doesn't let it go. (The real test is whether or not it puts my mom to sleep, but she hasn't seen it yet).

Best Actor: I'm torn between Jesse Eisenberg for "The Social Network" and James Franco in "127 Hours." I think I"m leaning towards the latter. In the movie, James Franco portrays a climber who falls while leaping amongst caves. His arm gets caught under a huge boulder and he ultimately cannot get out, unless he decides to cut off his arm. 

Best Actress: I'm hoping for Michelle Williams in "Blue Valentine." Although I don't know how I felt about the movie's ending, I did really like her performance. Then again, I like her in most things. And I may be partial to "Blue Valentine" because after Todd and I watched it, we re-declared that we wanted to be together forever, and that always makes me happy. So I think I'm biased.

Best Animated Feature: You know that "Toy Story 3" has probably got this one without question, but I really also enjoyed "How to Train Your Dragon," and I wish that had a chance to beat out the obvious favorite. (Although I do admit that "Toy Story 3" was really good and made me cry). 

Those are just a few thoughts for now. I'll have more as the Oscars approach. Keep watch for them on February 27!

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the walking man said...

Seeing as i still haven't seen the best movies of 2008 yet I think I'll be able to weigh in with an opinion on this years movies about 2017 or so.