03 February 2011


Around this time last year, I worked on a Warhammer wood elf army. I built it from the bottom up - literally - starting with the base and then assembling each soldier atop it, deciding which arms would go with which torso, which head and hair combination fit that archer most adequately. The next step, always my favorite, was painting the tiny models with thin brushes and colorful paints. I never finished my army, but I'd like to start a new one some day. 

I was reminded of my model work today while browsing for Night Fury plush toys from the spectacular animated film, How To Train Your Dragon, and came across a really awesome custom Night Fury model, created from a blank Stitch, experiment 626 model. Visit the artist's tumblr blog to see his steps in creating the model and read some interesting trivia about the movie. 

Photo & Model by Somatic Studios / Michael Amos
I've managed to restrain myself until the end of this post, but now I have to let loose my real response to this custom model : AHHH IT'S SO CUTE!!!! I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT!!!!!!

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