07 February 2011


when a homeless man walked into starbucks

every patron turned away
as though he were offering
them dunkin donuts coffee
instead of their venti chai

extra foam skim lattes.

i knew you were the one

when i forgot that i was even
searching for anyone at all. 

map of the world

he wasn't much of a traveler
but he knew the exact path of the tiny hairs

she always forgot to shave behind her knees
and he could give perfect directions
on how to kiss in a straight line starting
at the very tip of her head and ending
at the callouses on her heel, worn from trips
in flip flops with purple-painted toenails
and if anyone asked, don't you want to see the world?
he would reply, why?
i can see the sahara on her stomach

and the rain forests in her hair 
her smile is the city of lovers
her breath is the cool chill of the arctic

her words are as sultry as brazilian women
i learned a foreign language in her palm lines
and i don't need to see anything more to know that
here is where i always want to be


Trellissimo said...

If only everbody were as content with their place in the world... :)

Jingle said...

keep it up.

Chris said...

@trellissimo - it would be a very interesting place

@jingle - thanks!