13 February 2011

Weekend Roundup: Pre-Valentine's Day!

Yesterday I received a card in the mail from Todd, despite the fact that I see him at least twice a week and talk to him every day nearly constantly. It was a purple note card with cupcakes on it, and it was a Valentine's Day card. Inside, he wrote me a really sweet love letter, which made me incredibly happy. While I was reading it, however, he expressed doubt that Valentine's Day with him would be able to live up to my past Valentine's Days.

Which led me to thinking about my past Valentine's Days, which made me realize that I do not remember them. I don't remember my boyfriend last year doing anything special for me, or even really appreciating the fact that I had worked really hard on making a box/collage for him. And that made me even more thankful that this year I have a boyfriend who really appreciates me and the things I do for him (after I give him his gifts, I'll show you what I made). I have a boyfriend who actually listens to me when I say things like, "I wish I had a pen pal so that I could get letters!" I have a boyfriend who genuinely cares about making me happy and who I genuinely want to make as happy as I possibly can.

Sure, sometimes we disagree on things. Sometimes we get into petty spats. Sometimes we just operate on completely different wavelengths and misunderstand each other. But the main thing is that we are able to resolve anything that momentarily comes between us because we really care about the other. This Valentine's Day, I realize more than ever that it isn't about what gifts you make or what candy you buy or receive, but about the way you treat the person you love on a daily basis and the way that they treat you. 

It's about appreciating the person who loves you and letting them know.
(I love you Todd. Thank you for always doing your best to make me happy.)



Monkey Man said...

Here! Here! That's exactly what my wife and I say as we walk through the local store with its displays of Valentine merchandise. It's what you do on a daily basis that counts.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

Nice ... glad you have someone that deserves you. Thx for the follow and i look forward to reading more of your posts! ;)