14 May 2011

Creating a Charlotte Russe Community

I can't deny that I like to shop. Some of my favorite excursions are the ones I take with my mom to the mall or into Manhattan to look for new dresses, sandals, or lingerie. Charlotte Russe, a retail store targeting teenage girls and young women, is always one of our first stops. The clothes there tend to be tight and flirty, but never reveal too much. The brand's style is similar to that of Forever 21 and Wet Seal: trendy, modern, and inexpensive yet chic. In addition, Charlotte Russe stores often offer money-saving deals, such as the current offer for a free pant with any $20 purchase.

Recently, I learned about a Charlotte Russe fan site, which is currently in development and looking for suggestions on design. If I were designing the fan site, I would focus mostly on creating a community for supporters of the brand. I would have multiple pages on the site, each serving a different purpose. For example, I'd design one page that provided fans with updates on the brand: newest styles, which celebrities are wearing those styles, and what deals are going on and coming up at the stores. Another page could feature a comment space, where supports can post their thoughts and ideas. Yet another page could perhaps give fans a way to meet fans who also go to their favorite stores. 

In this way, the Charlotte Brand fan site wouldn't only create an online community; it would bring together supports of the brand in person. And those people would tell others, who would tell others, until the Charlotte Russe fan site became nearly as influential as the brand it promotes. 

Direct link to the site: http://charlotterusse.org/

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