20 May 2011

You Are Still Yourself

For the past year I've had long hair. And by long I mean that I came down over my neck and nearly to my shoulders, if it didn't actually touch them. Before that, I had short hair for a long time. Yesterday I had scheduled a haircut and had planned on merely getting a trim, but before I knew it, I had envisioned a short haircut that I really, really wanted and I decided that there was no reason to wait. Although many people - like my mom - are afraid to cut too much off their hair or branch out with a different style, I find that it helps to remember that you are still you, no matter how your hair looks or what color it is. And keep in mind that no matter how bad it gets, your hair will always grow back

 So what does your hair look like? If you could have any style at all, what would you want? Once you've considered that, now ask yourself: why not?


Monkey Man said...

Very cute....both the hair and you two as a couple. My daughter went the teal direction on color. It's cool.

Chris said...

Thanks! I wanted to do teal but my parents wouldn't let me. Actually, this was supposed to be an auburn red, but for some reason it came out closer to pink. I hope my job doesn't fire me on the spot haha