06 September 2009

Exploring Hipster Haven

If you live in New York, you’ve heard of Williamsburg, the growing trendy neighborhood that’s become the go-to place for the fashionable, fake indie kids… otherwise known: hipsters.  Never having seen it for myself, I enlisted my best friend Jo in an exploration. 

First things first, we had to figure out where exactly in Brooklyn we could find Williamsburg.  After being directed to the wrong place multiple times, we finally realized that we were over thinking the problem.  The solution was simple: two stops on the L train, following the easy-to-spot young, plaid-wearing hipster crowd. 

We emerged from the subway a little underwhelmed.  It didn’t look all that different from the Bronx, only, the buildings were smaller and there were more stores that focused on natural and organic products.  A thrift shop sat right on the corner; we browsed, but didn’t find any treasures.  We walked three blocks in one direction, saw a few artsy (and expensive) boutiques and some cool eateries (lots o Asia), and then the area became residential.  Three blocks in the other direction, and the same thing happened. 

So, we ate some food, browsed here and there, and then took the L train back into the city.  Williamsburg had one of those “we’re all really cool here” atmospheres, and I don’t think I would really fit in; I’m not “scene” enough.  But I will give it this, there were lots of cute guys, even though they were the kind that never really look at non-fashion-conscious girls like Jo and me.

Here are some pics from our adventure:

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Jon said...

looks like you had some fun... and don't worry about not being hipster enough... seems like you're one to blaze your own trail anyways

Chris said...

Yeah, hanging out with Jo is always pretty fun, no matter where we are. And, I do try!