04 September 2009

Windows Live Messenger

Okay! So, I’m using Windows Live Messenger for the first time to update my blog, which seems convenient, and makes uploading pictures and things either (although I was hoping it would help me improve the layout and it doesn’t --- could that be because I’m using blogger? Would this be different if I hadn’t already set the thing to be compatible with blogger?  Maybe I’ll try that next time).

This is a test.

Windows Live Messenger is pretty convenient, and it sort of has to be, competing with AIM (not as good; I keep the old version because I hate all the new ones), and sites like Twitter and Facebook.  The world-wide web is getting immensely inter-connected and I’m not really sure how I feel about it.  Even my parents update facebook all the time! And then when I think I’ve gotten photo comments, it’s really just my family dialoguing back and forth about something underneath one of my photos :(

Anyway, test concluded! Let’s try to add a picture and post!

oblobnkynezu  Yay inserted little moving image! And it’s way easier to change up the size of it on WLM than it is on Blogger itself.  And it inserts right where you want it, too!  You can also add tables, video, and maps, really easily!

So far, I think the best software to blog with is on a MAC, but since I don’t have one, and even if I did, wouldn’t have the $100 a year you need to be a part of the program thingy, I must be grateful for what I do have: WLM. Yay.

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