02 September 2009

Shrek: The Musical

So, a few weeks ago I bought tickets to see Shrek: The Musical. You're probably wondering why. I like musicals like HAIR, and Rock of Ages, relatively minimalist things. Why would I go see Shrek, which features multiple sets and people wearing animal costumes? No, I do not have a younger sibling that wanted to go. I bought the tickets for my boyfriend. My 20-year-old little kid boyfriend. I went in feet dragging (although he didn't know that). I expected the worst. We get there, and we're in row K. That's right, all the way up there. Keep walking sweetie, sorry, I couldn't afford the front row. We switch seats, because some lady's gigantic head is in my way. The switch doesn't really make it much better, because now the girl in front of me keeps shifting back and forth and taking her sweater on and off and on and off. Then the lights go dim. All in all, I really enjoyed the musical. The sets were amazing, really detailed and constantly shifting and spinning and changing. And the special effects - fire, fog, flashing lights that nearly blinded the audience! The acting was, overall, pretty good, and the singing was mostly good, even though sometimes you couldn't understand the accents that great. What made it, for me, was the humor. The musical was way funnier than I expected it to be, and there were a lot of great little spoofs thrown in there, tiny gems in the rough. The best part, though, was looking over at the boyfriend and seeing him smiling every time. For that, I would have seen the worst musical in the world.

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