20 March 2010

Codified & Pre-determined

People unravel backwards, different from ribbon unrolling or rules carved in stone; with us, it starts in the core, a burning itch in the marrow, and spills out sloppily from the bones, breaking free of ligaments and neurotransmitters, and bursts through muscles in aerobic respiration, and squeezes out of skin like blood seeping from under nails. It grows in the heart and ages in the stomach, finally left to rattle behind emaciated ribcages like an acid-spewing fang-bearing beast, or Barabbas shaking the bars to be set free, or wind wildly gusting at a loose window in the not quite silence of the city night.

1 comment:

the walking man said...

Odd how at first read it seems backwards, emotion breaking out from the inside but then on further going through it really can't be any other way can it?