04 March 2010

Eat & Sleep Is All We Do

we substitute the fan's relentless hum for conversation while we sneak glances at each other over blue china like children peering under beds to check for monsters. stay awake, and the bogeyman can't scare you with those slick, acid fangs of Jealousy and the flat, flabby mouth of Greed, slobbering against the curving thigh of Mistrust, enticed by the aching wetness of Insatiable. we hold each other's bodies like chopsticks; we trade condiments instead of kisses. hand me that tube of mayonnaise. i'd like some salt for these fries. pass the relish, please. if only we could learn how to wake ourselves up.


the walking man said...

It ain't as bad as you make it out to be once you have aged into it with foresight kiddo.

Chris said...

if that's what my relationships become reduced to, i think that's pretty bad, foresight or not lol. but i'll keep it in mind.

Monkey Man said...

Tenderness and vulnerability aren't things we are taught but must learn. Awareness is a great beginning. Love this post.