11 March 2010

Here Goes Nothing, Or Everything

Well, it's over and official. We've broken up. I am, as expected, a mess, and trying to study for a midterm that I have to take tomorrow. Not really a good combination. Please wish me well, if you get a spare moment, and I will return the favor. Will blog soon, after a proper period of studying, test-taking, relaxing, being sad, etc. Probably not too long, I can't not write.


Monkey Man said...

Sorry the ending holds you in icy arms. As sure as spring will bring warmth, blossoms and flowers, this ending will open to a new more spendid world previously hidden to you. Grow as a flower in spring time and soak up life as a new leaf budding from a tree takes in heat from the sun.

Jon Parsons said...

can't not writing is good... keep crafting words you...

and while i don't have any good advice on break-ups... i can tell you something i decided a while ago (and this is maybe just true for me... but) ...


hope you're OK


Mary said...

Hey Chris,
I've been AWOL for too long. Sorry I wasn't here to encourage you like you encouraged me. Endings suck. Beginnings are scary. It's the middle that counts the most.

Isn't that from a movie? Ha. (Hope Floats)

Chris said...

Hey, thanks all for these comments.

MonkeyMan, I am trying my best to be a flower. A sturdy, yet delicate, flower. Oh, walking contradictions.

Jon, I am making the choice! Actually I'm doing better than I thought I would be, so hopefully it keeps up.

Mary, I've never seen that movie. I need to expand my pop culture knowledge. And, it's alright. Hope all is well with you.