10 January 2012

Growing Up

Adventure is waiting
For the birds to announce
The first day of spring
And then waking up early
To jump in the watering hole
Or shitty plastic baby pool
That killed the grass in the yard

You watch the ants hoof it
Along the gum-strewn pavement
Nature hides its fragility behind force
But death always finds a way
To take us up to heaven
Or into the black nothingness
That fills a hole in the ground

In the morning Mom hears you leaving
She climbs out of bed to kiss you off
Some days she's stuck in dreams
And you open the bedroom door

Softly, with a niggling fear
Or actually a stab of panic
That she might not move at the sound


Tom Stephenson said...

A nice poem. Don't worry about your Mom.

Chris said...

Thanks. I try not to! But I have to worry a little, to make up for all the times she's worried about me :)

the walking man said...

If your mother is ill I hope it is simple seasonal not something worse. I know the feeling , my mom was sick for 3 years before she passed but she was much older than your mom. (She had grandchildren your age and older)

I kind of like this piece Chris I think as far as the poetry of yours that I have read it expresses worry and fear mixed with hope and reality and it does it very well, No playing around with words just flat out honest. I believe that this may be the first time I have heard your real poetic voice, and it is good.

Chris said...

she's not sick, she's fine, thank God. i just sometimes worry unnecessarily. the poem was just about coming to terms with the fact that death is a reality and can happen at any time (a part of growing up).

thanks, glad you enjoyed it.