11 January 2012

Video Poetry

Here are some videos from poetry open mic night last Friday. They're sideways, but I decided to put them up anyway. Apparently I still haven't figured out the video function on my digital camera.

The first is me, doing a short piece.

The next is a clip from my friend Sean's song:

And this last one is one of the poetry open mic regulars... "Satan"... singing his amusing and political Christmas carols:


Tom Stephenson said...

It might just be that you had the camera on it's side! On my Mac's editing system, you can just flip it around again.

Chris said...

Hm, that would be useful. My Toshiba doesn't have any kind of editing system. I do have one on my desktop computer but I was too lazy to put them on there first haha

the walking man said...

How often do you do open mics Chris?

Chris said...

Only once a month, if that.