06 January 2012

New Record!

Before I dated Todd, my longest relationship was about one year and two months. It was nearly one year and three months, if you counted times of momentary separation into the total. That's a pathetically short range, I know.

But I'm glad that all of those relationships ended, because I was never as happy as I am now. And, my relationship length standard has reached a whole new level: one year and four months. I hope that the ease, warmth, and passion of this relationship never end.

Here are some photos from our one year and fourth month-iversary dinner:

i know, we're so classy

i think i awkwardly took this right after he finished chewing

i was much more excited about that frosty than i look here

1 comment:

Tom Stephenson said...

Let's hope you don't begin the next post with: "Before I hated Todd..." Keep it up (for as long as your diet will let you!). Best wishes to you.