27 July 2012

Dark Chocolate M&Ms

I'm about to embark on a tv show-watching spree with Todd while, of course, devouring all of the candy that I can grab. Well... I'll try not to eat THAT much.... maybe. The shows that we're mostly watching are Covert Affairs and Colony. The first is about a CIA agent who embarks on a number of semi-dangerous missions while pining for her blind co-worker. The second is a real experiment performed on a group of (coincidentally well-equipped and knowledgable) individuals who must live in a pseudo-post-apocalyptic world.

Anyway, before I go explode with yummy goodness, here's the fact of today:

"One of the hottest dinings spots in the Magic Kingdom, Cinderlla's Royal Table, originally was named King Stefan's Banquet Hal. King Stefan was a misleading moniker, since he was dad to a different princess: Sleeping Beauty. The name change went into effect in 1997" (Little-Known Facts About Well-Known Places, Laurie Flannery).


the walking man said...

I've seen bits and pieces of The Colony I thought they always tried to hard to be serious about what they were doing. More like a re-make of McGyver without the more expensive camera set ups.

Eat all the candy you want, you're preparing to walk 100 million miles at WDW. Just tell yourself your storing energy.

Chris said...

Yeah, I think that's the problem with it too. It also bugs me that they're all experts in basically the sciences that they need to survive. What happened to all of the normal people? Is the assumption that they would all have just died out or something?