24 July 2012

Goals and Grandparents

Now that I'm done with my summer class, barring a final paper on Frankenstein that I have to finish writing this week, I really do have some time to post semi-regularly again. And posting regularly is, as always, one of the goals that I strive to achieve. Among them, this time, is trying to eat healthy--in general, but specifically for the next three weeks, before I go to Walt Disney World and eat a TON of junk food. The countdown to Disney is 19 days, and Todd and I leave on Sunday, August 12. I'm very excited; I haven't been to that world of consumer-driven magic since 2001, and I don't remember that trip super well. In the weeks leading up to the trip, I'll share one little known fact about Disney each day, taken from Little Known Facts About Well-Known Places: Walt Disney World, by Laurie Flannery. Todd and I went through the fact book the other day and found some pretty interesting ones. Today's little known fact: "Through Disney's Harvest Program, founded in 1998, the resort's excess prepared but unserved food is collected and distributed to state agencies by the Disney Harvest truck in cooperation with the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. WDW donates nearly 50,000 pounds of food per month."

In other news, we go to press today at The CPA Journal and my grandparents recently visited from Florida. Here is one photo, for now, of Todd and I with my grandparents. (I just realized that we're both wearing striped shirts <3)


the walking man said...

I think you have always been weight to height ratio normal but Todd from the pictures looks like he's dropped quite a few pounds.

So did you read the short Shelly book or just watch the movie...ha ha ha

Enjoy your trip to consumer heaven Chris but please no freaking mouse ear souvenirs OK?

Chris said...

Haha it's probably the fact that he cut his hair -- I think it makes him look thinner! And yes, I did read the Shelley book; it was interesting on a conceptual level more than on a storytelling level, I thought. And aw, but I was hoping for the Minnie Ears with the princess hat! If they still make that haha. Maybe I'll get Stitch ears instead :P How have you been?