25 July 2012

Short Blog Break

I'm taking a very short break from working on my final Frankenstein paper to post today's Walt Disney World fact of the day. I just finished writing about Shelley's comparison of Victor Frankenstein to Satan from Milton's Paradise Lost, and I'm now poised to describe her second comparison: Frankenstein and Prometheus of Greek myth, a titan who is said to have created humans from clay and who gave fire to his humans despite Zeus' instructions to the contrary. That discussion will encompass the responsibility of the creator and the overstepping of one's bonds as a means of destruction, supporting my argument that Shelley depicts Frankenstein's fall as a warning against secretive science and the quest for power.

Here is today's fact: "Walt Disney World employs more than 62,000 people, including at least 58,000 cast members. That's more than twice the number of employees at the Pentagon (23,000), one of the world's largest office complexes. WDW is, in fact, the largest single-site employer in the United States."

And here's a photo for today, to keep things colorful. This is from a recent trip that Todd and I took to the NY Botanical Gardens. We might go back on Saturday; if we do, I'll post more photos:


the walking man said...

Interesting comparison but why Paradise Lost and not say...Dostoevsky's The Idiot? Did you choose the comparative analysis or was it assigned?

So WDW always has room for another clown eh? Hmmm maybe it is time to leave Detroit. Of course this place is the antithesis of that, we live the dark fantasy here.

I am fine Chris, just moving through the days growing more beard and hair. It's not much of a goal but then everyone needs to work at something.

Chris said...

Paradise Lost because Shelley uses references to Paradise Lost in the text, as well as references to the Prometheus myth. So I was basically demonstrating how Shelley uses those comparisons to depict the severity of Frankenstein's fall--a fall caused by his pursuit of science.

I think more beard and hair is a good goal! Maybe you can grow the beard down to like your feet? (too long?)