30 July 2012

Facts & Photos

Here are some photos from a good weekend spent with my parents and Todd. We ate at Yard House, a relatively new restaurant in our area that has amazing appetizers (think big juicy onion ring towers and maple bacon dipping sauce with sweet potato fries) and good food. I really enjoyed dinner, as well as The Dark Knight Rises, which we watched afterward. Although I didn't think Bane stood up to Joker as a villain (but who really expected him to?), I thought this film's storyline had more substance to it and I really enjoyed the performances of both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anne Hathaway (who I usually don't like too much). Without further ado, here are the photos. Scroll all the way down to check out today's Disney fact of the day.

Todd and I outside my house before heading to the mall.

Onion ring tower and dipping sauces

My roast beef sandwich with au jus, soup, and truffle fries

Todd's bearnaise burger

My dad's burger-man creation

My mom's plate

"Why are the elevator motors in the Tower of Terror actually sealed inside the building? Because they're so massive, at 12-feet tall and 35-feet long, that they weigh a whopping 132,000 pounds, generating enough torque to equal 275 Corvette engines. They had to be lifted by crane into place, and the building was then completed around them, sealing them in." - Little-Known Facts about Well-Known Places, Laurie Flannery 


the walking man said...

Tell Todd to lighten up the camera is not a gun. That is one Detroit "aw shit I'm being robbed look"

Chris I hate you--I have the heart of a 21 year old but only because my doctor won't allow me to eat that food. Fish (not fried) Fowl (foul) is okay but meat aw hell no. *sigh* maybe if I walked more.

Chris said...

Aw :( No meat? I think I would die. Can you eat pasta? That's the next best thing haha