04 November 2008


Weird dream last night: I was a journalist on a train full of important people going to an important meeting, but suddenly the "bad guys" came out from hiding and overtook the train. They happened to look like all the important people, and so they assumed their identities and left most of the real people for dead. I wasn't killed because I had sort of been flirting with one of the bad guys, having suspected that something strange was going on. A few other important people weren't killed to later be used as hostages, Adam wasn't killed, and some other male journalist also wasn't killed, but he was being forced to write what they wanted him to write. Then somehow we were all being held hostage in this house, but we had an outside contact who helped us overtake them. And we did, and for one night we partied (there were maybe 10 of us versus like 100 of them), but then we weren't sure what to do with them, because we didn't want to kill them, and so by sheer number they took us over again. They locked the three leaders (me, Adam, journalist guy) in a room, and we looked outside the window and there was like a giant, giant dog monster thing. So like a year later they took us out of the room and some guy tied us up in a car and was going to drive us to our deaths (and i guess kill himself too), but we managed to kill him and escape, although there was some sort of explosion. We all separated, trying to avoid being caught. Two years later, or something like that, I just knew it was a really long time and that I had tried to erase all traces of my life (facebook, etc.) so they would think I was dead... I'm outside my building and I see this guy in a baseball cap walking toward me and it turned out to be journalist dude and he had these burn marks on his face. And I'm like "Is it really you?" And he's like "Yes. I've been searching for you." And I'm like "Does this mean you're not gay?" And he's like "Yes." And then we kiss. And then I wake up -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm not sure why it was so long. Maybe my brain added things when I woke up, strung things together more fluidly. I'm not sure. It was interesting, though. In other news, way too much work this week. Going to talk with the homeless place today. And most importantly, go vote Obama. If you're going to vote McCain, just do us all a favor and stay home. :) Peace & Love

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