20 November 2008

Fast Lane

Two minutes to seven, which is the time I planne--- oh, one minute to seven, which is the time I planned to take a shower. I woke up around 2 am. And then again around 3:30 am. And then again around 5:45 am. And was extremely awake every single time. And stayed awake until the alarm at 6. I think I'm getting used to running on only a minimal amount of sleep again, and that makes me happy. Life ... Oh, my minute is up. I'm thinking of lucky clouds shaped like helmets. Some quick news tidbits: 1. Thanksgiving weekends bodes interesting. 2. Real-life Furbys (mentioned to me by Wes) 3. Hungarians are pessimistic and unhappy with their lives (according to this poll) 4. I find it somewhat disturbing and really quite sad that Obama and his wife probably won't sleep in the same bedroom, but uplifting that they might have sex (I can't believe this is news.) 5. I want a regenerated mammoth pet, please! 6. What's the link between McDonald's and cocaine? 7. Really interesting/cool film posters (My favorites are Eagle vs. Shark and Tideland) Have a good day, make someone smile, maybe I'll write again later. Peace. Love.

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