02 November 2008

Prank Calls and Commentary

Please, please check this out. Sarah Palin got prank-called. Here is the transcript, with a few typos, but I like it because it explains some stuff. It's so good, trust me. Don't they screen calls like that, or something? Is it really that easy to prank call Sarah Palin? I mean, I do feel pretty bad for her. Like, if she really believed it was the French president, she's not going to like disagree with him or correct him or anything. So, I mean, I do think it was kind of wrong, and I do feel bad for her, and I honestly don't think she handled it all that badly, but it is so funny, especially when he starts singing. In other news, Halloween didn't really feel like Halloween. You know what I mean? No Trick or Treating, no giant group parties with lots and lots of food, no kids ringing the bell like crazy at ten o'clock at night. It just turned out really low key in contrast with past Halloween nights : from going door to door as a kid, to going door to door with Jo, to playing Twister last year. It wasn't bad, though. I'm going through my Halloween candy way too fast. I'm going to be pretty sad when I've eaten it all. Whoppers Malted Milk Balls are my new favorite. Actually, a lot of things don't feel normal, lately. I've been showing more restraint about some things, some pacts I've made with myself. I expected them to be broken by now. But I'm kind of glad that they haven't really crumbled, because it means I'm getting stronger. At the same time, I know that my restraint will melt if the situation is powerful enough. This is getting into that vague territory where I know what I mean, and maybe one other person knows what I mean, but everyone else is just like "Yeah, why am I still reading this?" So, in effort to curb that confusion, let me stop my rambling at that. And start rambling about something else... like Twilight, which comes into theatres November 21. Sort of a long time from now. I'm debating about whether it will pass quickly or slowly. I think it depends on what you're comparing it to. For example, if I look back at the past months of school, it seems to have both flown by and dragged on it its heels. If I think about it in terms of the semester, I would think: Wow, it's already been two months. But if I think of it in terms of when I went to Hungary, I think: Wow, it's only been two months since then. I guess time is relative, but it's a weird dynamic. Not sure who I'll see Twilight with. It would be cooler if I knew someone else who had read the book. I feel like movie-going is one of those things where there are some people who are perfect to go with, and some people who aren't, and you have to try and go with the right people. And I think it depends on your movie watching style. Personally, I don't mind commentary during the movie, as long as it's not during the best parts, and as long as it's not complaining. I tend not to talk too much, though. Well, that's all for now my break is just about over and I should go eat something and then go back to doing Hungarian homework. "Your ride. Best trip."

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