04 February 2010

My Life Story + Some Characters

Current Music: Motley Crue - Bitter Pill (yeah, it's on repeat) Current Mood: Getting sleepy February 29: I was born. I was a month early, and I think it's because I knew I had to be an overly dramatic, overly empathic, overly sensitive, overly romantic (but sometimes hides it) Pisces. Ages 1-2: I think I developed my love of stuffed animals. Age 3: I gained a brother. He was friendlier as a baby. Ages 4 to 6: Happy days at home making blanket tents and eating candy. Ages 6 to elementary school graduation: I was that weird, nerdy kid that not a lot of people were friends with. I remember reading alone in the playground, giving people answers, starting a magazine with my cousin, starting my first real diary, and writing my first short story. High School: I realized I hated writing short stories because I liked lots of subplots. I went through a rap phase, a pop phase, and emo/screamo phase when I first started online journaling. I met a guy online and loved him for six years or something. We hung out maybe twice because he lived far away. It was an up and down kind of thing, usually down. Found friends. Briefly did a stint in a pretty terrible band. Decided I wanted to be like my geometry teacher because he was so calm and peaceful. Had my first real boyfriend; broke up with my first real boyfriend. Had a succession of boyfriends after that. ("In love with love, and lousy poetry" - Weakerthans). Romances, more specifically failed ones, became my specialty. Graduated second ranked in my class; spoke at graduation. Applied to college, got into college. Decided to go to NYU. Freshman Year of College (2006-2007): Met a guy, dated, broke up. Wrote my first novel. Never edited it. Sophomore Year of College (2007-2008): Met some more guys, dated, broke up. Learned to drum on Rockband. Proceeded with my Politics and Journalism studies, while taking classes in the Hungarian languages. I think those are the classes I learned the most in. Junior Year of College (2008-2009): Met another guy (the current boyfriend) after staring at him every day for about two weeks in class, and then finally getting up the nerve to talk to him (it was either that or color a picture for him and throw it at him). Fell in love. Had sex for the first time ever. Continued studying. Maintained good grades. Got more into poetry. Senior Year of College (2009-present day): Here I am. Blogging for you and completely unsure of my future after graduation in May. But I'm optimistic, and things seem to be looking up. Quick Cast of Characters: Jbear (the current boyfriend) G (the guy from far away I loved for six years) Jo (my best friend) A-Peng (ex-bf turned platonic friend) ... if I think of anyone else I might reference, I'll add them to this list. That's all for now; I'm too tired. I still have to write three poems for poetry reading tomorrow night and have no idea what to write about!

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Monkey Man said...

Sounds like a pretty normal start to me. Life is a quest. A journey. Enjoy.