13 February 2010

Up the Chimney and Into the Sky

I'm listening to this band and I don't really like it and I'm looking at rooftops covered with melting snow and I'm some shade of gray not quite lone wolf but not quite shadow something more like chimney smoke or the smell of firewood and I'm over this band and I'm over this view and I am done with this color, so how about we let our smoky lips wisp together, then apart then together again, in some shade of cerulean with flecks of flamingo and a hint of ever after. --- Current mood:energized Current music: Shout Out Louds - Impossible


CathM said...

Sense of fed-up'ness and wanting to move forward to the next level. I like the use of chimney smoke imagery :)

Monkey Man said...

On to the next thing. It is hard to stay in the moment. To find that trun Zen place.

Gerry Boyd said...

Great language and tone. Bravo!