26 February 2010


So today I realized that there's a Gogol Bordello concert coming up next month. It wasn't on their upcoming show list a week ago, but now... there it is! I'm pretty hyped, because the last Gogol Bordello concert I went to - back in December - was pretty sweet. The only downside is that it's $35, and I think Jbear is going to be too broke to go. And the only other person I'd really want to go with, I managed to completely push away to the point where we don't talk anymore. So. I don't know. Maybe I'll just go alone if I have to. Anyway, you should check out Gogol Bordello here, or listen to the embedded song below, which is one of my favorites, and then at least this post will have been of some use to you. ----- Current Mood: regretful


Francis Scudellari said...

Thanks for returning the favor of the follow. I just watched the movie Everything Is Illuminated a few weeks back and was pleased to discover that the lead singer of Gogol Bordello plays the character of Alex (and the rest of the band makes a brief appearance). I hope you get to go to the concert.

the walking man said...

...And when you are a grandmother or grandmotherly in age is this what will be played on the local "golden oldies" station?

Chris said...

I love Everything is Illuminated! I was so excited when I realized Eugene Hutz played in that as well. In fact, that's why I watched it in the first place!:P He's also in a movie directed by Madonna that was pretty good, it's called "Filth and Wisdom."

And... that's probably a negative to the radio. Haha I don't even think he's on the radio now. But I like his stuff lol. It's inspirated by Roma gypsy music. It reminds me of Hungary lol, but like re-mixed haha